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Samantha Marando

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samantha marando okey dokey design row row row you boat childrens book illustration with mice in a tea cup and teapot saucer floating along a river with lots of flowers along the bank gently down the stream merrily merrily life is but  a dream nursery rhyme

Over the years of being a freelance illustrator I have created a variety of Children's book illustrations for clients & also self initiated projects. They can be created through a mixture of digital & traditional techniques depending on the clients needs.

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samantha marando okey dokey design My Mummy Is A Soldier illustration childrens book image she strives to be the best putting herself forward to serve and protect image british english patriotic
Billy the little boy illustration childrens children book being a cat with a toy mouse ginger hair cute samantha marando okey dokey design

If you need help with developing a character for your storybook, then drop me a message & say hello!

How would they look? What habits do they have? The type of clothes they wear & the way they stand?

I can help with all of this.

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samantha marando okey dokey design Spooky Poem dark horror witch crow bats graveyard creepy children book illustration black and white drawing
story book children childresn little boy tent home night time stars watercolour picture drawing illustration samantha marando okey dokey design


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Samantha Marando

If you need to commission a Freelance Designer or Freelance Illustrator then you have come to the right place! Specialising in editorial illustrations, children's book illustrations, book covers, stationary, product design & greeting cards. Have a little look through my design portfolio. If you like what you see, I would love to help you out with your illustration project!

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