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After 2 months of freelancing, I have landed myself an agent. I focused on putting together a portfolio of about 10 children's book illustrations, then decided to send them out to some agencies and see what happened.

I never expected to hear anything back from any of the agents in my first attempt. I was expecting to have to keep trying again and again till someone noticed me.

When you research online about getting an agent, most people say it is near on impossible to get an agent in the early days of freelancing. The articles often had a message of 'Don't bother trying until you are fully established and then you probably don't need one anyway' I would often read those articles and leave feeling quite downtrodden and unsure if I should even bother trying. But I am glad I did!

So this is more a little blog post to say, you don't know unless you try. You might be pleasantly surprised. And if you do try, but don't get anywhere first time, change your portfolio, make better art and then submit again. Don't give up.

If you are anything like me, the more you create, the more you improve. Great illustration comes with practice. I often feel happy with an illustration I have just created, then I look back at it a month later and realise how much I have improved and evolved my style.

I am constantly learning and evolving which is great. That is what I was hoping for as freelance illustrator. I wanted to challenge myself and push myself to bigger better things. Improve my skill.

Who knows how having an agent will go. It is early days and I have no experience in being a represented illustrator.

But the beginnings feel positive. The agency are helping me to develop ideas, push myself and create new portfolio content. It is so easy as a freelancer to get lost in your own bubble. You don't need to answer to anyone as you are your own boss. Having an agent means you have someone to push ideas off, ask for advice and learn how to improve your skills. Get constrictive criticism.

Hopefully I can update in a few months time with a follow on from this post. But for now, I am happy.

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